Sticky, a kitten, was found and safely returned to its mother’s home after getting lost

Sticky, the blind kitten, had the roughest start to life, arriving at a Miami shelter underweight with a broken arm. And to top it off, he had scabies and a URI. He was a sticky “hot mess,” but fortunately, he met Abigail, an intern at the shelter.

Sticky the kitten, blind, tripod

Foster mom Abigail met the kitten when a foster coordinator introduced her. Immediately; she knew she had to help him. He would need extensive care, more than what anyone could have predicted. The kitten became her biggest challenge after years of fostering. But through it all, Sticky was “the sweetest friendliest kitty” the rescuers ever met.

Sticky’s name is in honor of a previous foster kitten rescued from a sticky trap and the name fits.

Abigail Batic with Sticky the rescued kitten.

Sticky Overcame So Many Obstacles

While Sticky may have been a hot mess, he would win over everyone and loved life, playing in the grass most of all.

First, Sticky’s fractured leg was beyond saving, and he would need to be amputated when he was older. Nevertheless, he would adjust rapidly to life as a so-called tripod kitty. He also needed twice weekly medicated dip baths, a nebulizer, nightly scabies medication, and eye ointment. Abigail shared the daily routine, bathing him in the yellow liquid and gently warming him in the Florida sunshine.

Sticky loves to play in the grass.

But then, another problem surfaced. Sticky began having seizures, too, for unknown reasons. More than once, she had to face the possibility of euthanizing the kitten, but he was strong and continued to overcome everything that came his way.

Regardless of all the obstacles, he was a silly, sweet cat that played with Nerf darts and even took up painting!

“Sticky’s favorite thing to do is play with Nerf darts. No matter how many cat toys we give him, he will always go back to playing with the Nerf darts. He also loves cat treats! I like to “paint” with him by putting a canvas with some paint on it in a Ziploc bag, then putting the Churru treats on the outside of the bag and let him lick it. He ends up moving the paint around, and all his paintings come out adorable,” she told.

Sticky the blind cat looking at camera, Abigail Batic

Video by Meow As Fluff:

Seeking A Furever Family

Abigail also shared the cutest video of the kitten’s progress. She hoped he would find the ideal adopted family, one that would have experience with blind, tripod cats, as well as cats with seizures. But most of all, she hoped for a family who would appreciate him for his silly, sweet purrsonality, not focus on his disabilities.

Furever With His Foster Mom

Abigail Batic with adult rescued cat

Everyone hoped the captivating kitten would find the purrfect family, and as it turned out, he didn’t have to look very far. Abigail and family adopted him after his seizures worsened, becoming weekly instead of once a month. They wanted to be sure Sticky would have all the care he needed.

Blind rescued cat on a chair. Hialeah, FL

“It was never my original plan to adopt Sticky but after extensive medical issues surfaced, it was the only way to officially have him seen by veterinary specialists. In the future, if I am fortunate to find someone who is capable of fully funding Sticky’s medical necessities and providing him with better care than I am able to, then I would transfer care to them. My family will be keeping him until then and provide him with everything we can. The most important thing to me is Sticky’s health and happiness. ❤️

Sticky the blind tripod cat

The rescuers created a GoFundMe to help pay for the young kitty’s ongoing medical care. You can also follow and support Sticky on Instagram.

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